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But the purpose of this training is not the creation of a company. The real focus is what happens to you and the people around you while you are going through this process. The training is absolutely focused on your individual and team development and learning process. The new company is more of a by-product from this perspective. The start-up process is a methodological framework, motivator and context, but in the end the Lift is only about you, your competencies and the quality of your team’s interactions.

Sounds like rock’n’roll? Well, it is.


This sequence actually is no part of the 24 hour Lift itself. It is a pre-sequence to make sure all team members are in some way acquainted to each other once the Lift begins. It consists of a mixture of upfront online social media interaction and on-site rapid teambuilding activities.

In case the team already exists (e.g. within a company) and it is used to working together, this sequence might even be skipped.


The StartUp process starts with a creative phase of idea generation. Together with your team you come up with thoughts on new innovative business ideas, assessing them and starting market research based on your solution concepts.


In a second Phase, your team starts designing a business model that addresses all relevant aspects of your new company – your value proposition, infrastructure, customers, and finances. In Addition, you set up a project plan and assign tasks to your team members.


Now you put your project plan into action and execute every task that is needed to bring your business idea to life. You regularly report your status to your team and track your progress. Frequent feedback loops will help you to be flexible through your implementation.


Finally a new company is born. Yeah! Now you are on the real market, getting in touch with your real customers. Part of your project plan will cover your post-go-live activities, such as direct marketing, social media activities, advertising and analytics, as well as customer interviews etc. This phase will be filled with a lot of feedback and pivots on your way to compelling products and processes.



Learning Coach

Interim consultant human resources | job and career expert | mental-coach and –trainer | lecturer university | longterm experience in international human resources | master european business administration | individual and business developement communication and leadership | “out of the ordinary!”



Learning Coach

Business coach | theologian | entrepreneur | strategy, change and leadership expert | > 20 years of business and consulting experience | managing partner of int'l consultancy | extensive international experience | musician



Learning Coach

Business skills trainer | founder of Slik17 | LEGO® Serious Play® facilitator | co-mediator | MBA | bilingual | Vespa rider


Yes, at present, the training is only available in English. In the future a German variant of the seminar is planned. For more information feel free to contact us.

Do some research into important StartUp tools and innovative business ideas to get ready to rock the 24 hours. Furthermore, two weeks before the seminar starts, all participants will receive an invitation to a Facebook-group. In this group, videos and pre-reads will be uploaded, to make sure that you will be best prepared for the training.

No. Some of your team partners will decide to work through the 24 hours, but this is by no means obligatory or expected. Everyone has to decide on his own, when and how often she/ he uses relaxation breaks.

You can only register with our registration form. Other ways of registration are prohibited and will not be processed. After receiving your registration, we will send you a booking confirmation and approximately 2 weeks before the start of the Seminar, you will receive an invitiation with all the required information.

If you think that min. 10 people would benefit from THE LIFT in your city, don´t be afraid to contact us ! We will check out all possibilities to bring THE LIFT to your city.

It is completely up to you whether or not to continue working on the project with some or all of your team mates. Flairlifter makes no claim to the rights of participation founded during the seminar sequence company. Those rights to the company's founding remain exclusively with the participants of the seminar.

The purpose of the training is not the creation of a company. The training is absolutely focused on your individual and team development and learning process.The start-up process is a methodological framework, motivator and context, but in the end the Lift is only about you. Our guiding principle is to deliver you a unique and sustaining learning experience.

Our specially trained StartUp & Learning Coaches will guide you through all phases during the start-up process. But we try to focus on practical issues, that will actually help you and your team mates to implement your ideas.

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